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The best of the geek world, delivered straight to your door: an assortment made by passionate people, including a t-shirt and a figurine in each box.

Discover the best selection of products from your favourite franchises.

Coming in July: Trilogies, trios... the number 3 has a mystical meaning in many adventures. This month, the greatest sagas will prove to you the power of the number!

In your previous boxes : 

June: POP LionKing Figurine /Jurassic Park T-shirt /Game Of Thrones shot glasses set / Crash Bandicoot 3D coaster/ Pins

May: POP Ghostbusters Figurine / Ectoplasma T-shirt / Pac-Man Salt and Pepper shaker / Boo Supermario pen topper / Pins

April: QGIF Cyclops Figurine / Resident Assasins Creed T-shirt / 007 Glass / Doctor Who Neck Pillow / Pins

March: QGIF Venom Figurine / Resident Evil T-shirt / E.T. Apron / Booster Dragon Ball / Pins

February: POP Fortnite Figurine / The Last of Us T-shirt / Phone Holder Overwatch / Rambo Bag Protector / Pins

January: Shuri Chrome POP Figure / Olive and Tom T-shirt / The Big Bang Theory Socks / Warcraft Alliance bonnet / Pin's

  • 5 articles per box: Worth minimum €60.  

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  • Shipped between the 5th and 10th

What is the Megawootbox? 

Every month, one lucky Wootbox Classic subscriber wins €2000 worth of amazing prizes. 

Each new theme represents the chance to win collectors items from your favourite franchises. 

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