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Our history

In the beginning… Wootbox was created. In 2015, two self-professed pop culture-lovers invented the world of Wootbox. They assembled a team of individuals that were just as passionate as them about movies, tv, gaming and legendary geek icons, and together they crafted our celebrated 100% geek boxes.

The idea… was to carefully select the best-ever products from cult brands and film franchises and, by putting them together, create a comprehensive collection.

Moving forward… the business became part of the Webedia Group in 2016, meaning Wootbox could distribute its products throughout the whole of Europe!

Did you know?

The term Woot, meaning "Wahey!”, was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2011! Our team work hard to get your “Woot Woot!” reaction every time someone opens one of our boxes. Will it be you next? #ChallengeAccepted!

Figurine Pop Wootbox

Our values

  • 01. Discovery
  • 02. Passion
  • 03. Quality
  • 04. On trend
  • 05. Pleasure
  • 06. Sharing
01. Discovery
Innovative, attractive-looking boxes filled with incredible items, some useful, others just pure fun!
02. Passion
All our products are selected with passion by geeks for geeks! A whole pile of enthusiasm is enclosed in each box and delivered directly to you at home!
03. Quality
Well-made, practical, useful and collectable! We have a rigorous selection process when it comes to sourcing our products. And our suppliers, in turn, recognise our high standards.
04. On trend
Imagine the enjoyment you’ll get from decorating your home with fashionable items you love! Wootbox can help you liven-up and tastefully personalise your space by adding splashes of character that really make a difference!
05. Pleasure
Everyone loves the joy of giving and the pleasure of receiving and discovering new things. We are all big kids at the end of the day and what more could we want than happiness in a box!
06. Sharing
Join our Community of Wooters! It gives everyone the chance to share their thoughts and experiences through word and/or image on social media.

The Guild

The Guild is a unique group of geeks with a passion for pop culture and desire to distribute geek products in the best possible way: in special boxes sent to people’s homes! Their job is logistically complex as they strive to make each box an irreplaceable bundle of surprise and joy, taking care at each step, from product purchase, to box preparation and posting!

They believe in us!

There are so many people responsible for creating our favourite worlds and much-loved heroes, including writers, film and TV directors, game designers and more. These people have guided us from the very inception of Wootbox, so we can supply you with the very best products from your favourite brands. Their high standards mean they won’t let go of their best merchandise very easily, but Wootbox always exceeds their expectations, meaning we can always offer you brand new and exciting, unique boxes!

  • Marvel
  • Harry Potter
  • Assassins Creed
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Blizzard
  • Star Wars